The Ho Chi Minh Trail

Ho Chi Minh Trail

After 4 years of research and 25000km of great riding we're proud to offer a variety of breath taking tours along significant sectors of the infamous Ho Chi Minh trail.

The Ho Chi Minh Trail (HMCT) was commissioned in 1959 by the North Vietnamese Army to facilitate a route around the de-miltarised zone (DMZ) in Vietnam on the 17th parallel. . The Trail took a variety of routes through the Annamite Mountains in the Laos Panhandle, into Cambodia via the Sihanoukville Trail and onto the battlefields of South Vietnam.

The HCM Trail, often referred to as the Truong Son strategic supply route, was a maze of pathways and roads running from the northern Mu Gai Pass southward through, the Khammounane, Savannaket, Sekong, Saravan at Attapue provinces into Cambodia. Each route was allocated a number for identification and most had several by-pass roads and decoy routes to confuse the US airforce. Eventually all weather roads where introduced and new access points at Ban Kari and Ban Raving saw increasing amounts of men and trucks making the trip south. It has been claimed by some observers that drivers had one hand chained to the steering wheels of the trucks to prevent escape from their duty. However, which ever way one looks at this enormous endeavor, the drivers using the HCM Trail showed outstanding bravery and loyalty in the face of overwhelming odds. The USA were unremitting in their attacks on every part of the trail by day and night.

Despite continuously bombing the trail for nine years the US airforce could not prevent the supply of weapons, food, fuel and ordnance reaching the South to support the North Vietnamese Army. Operation Steel Tiger by the US airforce was a failure and the equipment just kept coming. The sole purpose of the Vietnamese 559 regiment was to keep the Trail operational. Today the Ho Chi Minh Trail is known as one the great engineering feats of the 20th century


The Ho Chi Minh is now operated by Motolao, with over 12 year's experience in offering tours to travelers we are well positioned to offer some great Adventure......

We have travelled the trail extensively gaining vast knowledge of its network and key areas; on-going research of the trails keeps us ahead of the game enabling us to offer you something quite amazing, it’s a trip down one of the most historic engineering feats of all time.

We are highly organized with a can do approach, many years in the Travel industry gives us the ability to organist your Holiday/Trip knowing that we are going to get you a close up look of Laos it’s people and the Infamous Ho Chi Minh Trail. Click the about header for full story...


Our adventures down the trail will be tailored each parties requirements. (Solo riders are welcome) On all tours there will be a trained mechanic and a local speaking guide to provide support and peace of mind.

You can expect to ride in stunning scenery on many different surfaces like, sand, mud, river crossings and the original cobblestones along with undulating jungle trails which wind round the Annamite mountain range and through remote jungle villages where time seems to have stood still. Difficult at times.

The bikes we use are Honda CRF 250L's, All are maintained to a very high standard, where nothing is left to chance. All have 3rd party insurance. Personal Medical, travel in is not included. CLICK ON PHOTO FOR TOUR PDF


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